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Under the 48 hour mark.

Man, I’m really going to miss my job. Well, maybe not the actual job so much, but definitely the people. It’s funny, I’ve only worked there for a few months and we all agreed that it felt like so much longer. It’s hard to find people you can really be yourself around and it’s really hard to leave that.

We finally got some snow today. It’s almost mid-December and we haven’t really had snow at all. I might get around to taking some pictures. We practiced for the church choir this morning and I had to carry the whole section since only a couple of altos showed up. I really hope that more show up for the other practices and actual performance. Best Year Ever is on today. It’s amazing how normal my life is when I’m kind of freaking out inside. Maybe after the next 48 hours normal will be hard to come by.

Well I guess I’m headed out to go grocery shopping, I’d better appreciate normal while I can have it.


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Matt Nathanson- Little Victories


That’s me. Today is Friday, December 12th. On Monday, December 15th at 10am I will be heading to my local hospital to undergo my second knee surgery. My goal in all this is not only to have a well preserved record of the surgery experience, but everything else that goes on in the next few months or so.

The surgery. This is my second surgery on my left knee. My first surgery took place on August 21, 2006. The surgery was an intended to stop my knee from dislocating, which had been a problem since 2003. It worked, for a while. So now I’m headed back in to get a tibial tubercle transfer and lateral release.  It’ll be a very painful process, requiring lots of physical therapy to rebuild and follow-up appointment to be sure everything goes right. I’ll be in an immobilizer and on crutches for a while.

I’m also taking next semester off of school in order to get this whole thing done.

Here’s something interesting: before pictures. Now I’ll have something to make comparisons with.

Left knee scars

Comparing my left knee to my right

Comparing my left knee to my right

My left leg as of 12-12-08

My left leg as of 12-12-08

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